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Amends Question

I've got a question for those who read and post here, having to do with making amends. I've gone through the steps before, and I've gotten to do several of them before. However, I think I've gone one coming up that I'm not sure how to deal with. The question I run into is how does one go about making amends to someone who's dead.

The background on that is that my wife passed away about 7 months ago, having taken her life. I'd decided to work the steps again, specifically around her suicide. I'm currently on six, but I can see that one coming up. Doing the inventory helped me see how much I had done well in our time together, but there are also some things that I'd done badly, that I really wish I'd have done differently. With someone who's alive, I know how to approach them, to own up to what I've done, to offer amends, to do what I can. However, that's a bit more complicated with someone who I can't physically see or approach or even call or write to. As of yet, I still haven't found the Celestial Telegraph Office....

Any ideas that people have to share here would be most welcome.
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