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Hey! I'm new here and I'm on a blackberry so if I'm not supposed to introduce myself I'm sorry... Anyways my name is julie I am 25 years old and I'm engaged to a recovering alcoholic. We have a fourteen month old daughter together. Right now he is in FL while I'm in IN for he is in rehab. He went back in february did great and graduated lakeview. Was 60 days sober and relapsed. Made the decision to go back to rehab and he's been there for two weeks. It is hard but my faith is stronger than my fear. I started alanon recently and fell in love with it. I never knew I needed to change and grow myself too. I am on step three and am just surrendering to my God or hp. I am also a recovering borderline with a food addiction that would be binge eater.anorexic. I'm using the 12 steps in this as well. I'm a survivor of anorexia, cutting, domestic violence, and rape. Hi nice to meet you:) looking for support.
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