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For those of you that do not get International Convention news through your Area Service Structure or Area Newsletter, please note the following upcoming deadlines: ,

· To take advantage of the lowest registration fee, your registration must be received by December 31. · If you need translation services in the Big Meetings, please be sure to register by December 31. · You still have time to apply for or renew your passport for everyone traveling from countries other than Canada. The convention Registration Web-site link is: _http://www.al-anoninternationalconvention.org/_
or you can access it through the WSO Members Web-site at: _http://www.al-anon.alateen.org/members/_

Remember, the password to get on is your homegroup name including the letters AFG at the end. I would also add that it is not any too early to be making your hotel reservations for Vancouver. You can do that via the International Convention Registration site also.
If you are going on the cruise, you will not need a reservation for July 7th, as you will be aboard the ship. However, if you can not get a flight
out of Vancouver the day we return to Vancouver (July 14th) or you want to stay longer, you should make a hotel reservation for those nights also.
Vancouver Hotels are very busy during the summer so personally
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