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Hanging on for the ride

My qualifier has been headed for the bottom for some time now and I'm pretty sure the bottom is getting close. I need to be strong to not give in and give him money. I cut all his access to the accounts I use to pay the bills a few months back and gave him half the money in the savings. I told him that was the last money I had to give him. He didn't stop and think and now has spent all that money. His warehouse rent is due, his phone bill is due, his truck insurance is due. On top of all that, our oldest dog died a few weeks back and he is depressed about that on top of finances. I had thought of buying new tires for his truck for his birthday/our anniversary/and Christmas all rolled into one present but now I'm wondering is he going to sell his truck for money? If so, I'm not buying him tires. I feel like I'm hanging on to a pole in a hurricane waiting for the wind to stop. Some days its so depressing watching him sink I just want to go away somewhere but I know that isn't realistic. I go to my local meeting and do my reading but sometimes I feel like even with all that it is a really bumpy long ride to the bottom. Thanks for listening folks.
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